Garmin Brings VNAV Autopilot Coupling to GFC 500 and G3X with Version 6.50

In August 2018, Garmin brought out GTN Software version 6.50, bringing some great features to the GTN lineup. Most noteworthy are the ability to fly with VNAV vertical guidance when flying STARS or the beginning stages of some approaches, the ability to setup the GTN keyboard as QWERTY (versus the frankly annoying method of scrolling to the group of letters you want), and to go along with the new aforementioned VNAV feature, the ability to couple said VNAV to your G3X Touch System or GFC 500 autopilot. To take advantage of this great new feature, update your G3X Touch to Version 6.20 or your G5s to version 5.50, and the GTN to version 6.50. On the GTN, you’ll want to boot into configuration mode after the update and change the ARINC 429 out channel that’s going to your GAD 29B from GAMA Format 1 to Garmin 429. This update is definitely worthwhile if you’re sitting at the hangar on a rainy day or for when you bring your aircraft into your favorite maintenance facility for its annual inspection.