Sling 4Packages Starting @ $21,500

All the packages include a powder coated and laser etched panel with all the switches, breakers, lights, and avionics based on selected package. Also includes an LRU rack to fit behind the panel and complete aircraft wiring harness. The harness will come with the avionics wiring as well as the entire aircraft electrical system with connectors.

These packages will make the electrical portion of your Sling a breeze, leaving you to the task of building the airframe. We will provide support to assist you on your install.

Think You Have Plenty of Time To Think About Avionics?

Now May Be The Time, Save Your Spot In Line!

The demand for our 95% plug and play system is high with the explosion in popularity of Sling aircraft. If you have ordered a Quickbuild Kit or your fuselage is nearing completion, The Time Is Now! You aircraft harness will need to be laid into the fuselage prior to completion.

Get Your Panel On Our Production Schedule To Avoid Delays With Your Build!!!

What Does It Come With?

The following table list each package and the equipment included. This represents the main equipment.

EquipmentVFRBasic IFRAdvanced IFR
GDU 460 Display
Standard LRU KIT
GEA 24 Engine Monitor
G5 Backup Instruments
GTR 200 Panel Mount Radio
GTR 20 COM Radio
GMA 245R Audio Panel
GTX 45R TransponderPart of the GNX 375
Backup Battery
Heated Regulated Pitot
Laser Etched Panel
Custom LRU Rack
Drop In Wire Harness


Complete your system with the following upgrades.

  • Second GDU 460 Screen
  • G5 To Replace Analog Instruments
  • Second COM Radio
  • 2 Axis Auto Pilot
  • GMC 507 Auto Pilot Controller
  • GDL 51R Sirius XM Receiver