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There are many options out there when it comes to selecting a company that you will have build your system. Among many things to consider, ease of installation is one that is often overlooked as well as a company’s desire to consistently improve upon their product to make things easier and better for their customer. How does a company stand out from the rest? We believe first and foremost it is personally staying engaged with our customers to help them make the best selection for their intended use and always being accessible to them. Secondly, a company must never become complacent. We are always searching for new ways to not only make our product better but also bring more features.  Much of our success in the Sling Aircraft world has been due to our mostly Plug N Play systems and taking much of the guess work out of the installation process as well as being there for our customers every step of the way.

Admittedly, it is much more difficult to make a plug n play system for the RV lineup due to the small space behind the panel and the limited wire run locations. It takes a lot of time and careful planning to engineer a solution – a task often left to the customer to figure out. While this approach works for some, not everyone has the knowledge of the avionics and electrical to consider everything that will be needed.  Another challenge faced is the huge aftermarket that exists for RV Aircraft, a fact that makes a one size fits all plug n play an impossibility.  The systems we have and are currently designing revolve around a standard wiring layout with the ability to customize as needed to accommodate different aftermarket options. This level of service is something many are not willing to put the effort into, certainly not those offering their service for next to nothing.

Avionics Mounting Solution

Our Plug n Play systems come with an avionics mounting solution that includes one or in some cases two racks that sit between the panel and sub panel or firewall to house most of the equipment.  These racks come pre shaped with the required mounting holes for the various equipment.

RV-10 Doubler

Templates To Save Frustration

There are many things that need to be done to fit your equipment. For most builders, cutting through the sub panel will be required to allow the center avionics stack to protrude through. For RV-7 builders with the tip up canopy you will likely need to cut and move the F-745 Fuselage rib to accommodate the screens. To help with this we offer a subpanel doubler that serves  a few purposes:

  1. It locates the hole needed to cut through the subpanel. We use a 3D mockup of your panel to determine the precise location for the hole and for the RV-7 tip up builders it also helps locate the F-745 panel side brackets.
  2. It acts a stiffener for the subpanel to help secure it after the hole is cut through.
  3. It locates any necessary holes for equipment that will be mounted to the subpanel complete with holes necessary to install nut plates

A More Custom Fit

For our plug n play systems we have mapped the wire runs to all of the standard items such as wings, flap motors, trim etc. We then build your harness to that spec for a more custom fit which eliminates large bundles that need to looped and secured. Do you have non-standard equipment in your aircraft? No worries! We will just ask for the routing and measurements and build it into the harness. If you decide to stray from our plug n play system that’s okay, too. With your provided measurements, we will make a one off harness board of the routing and build your harness in the same manner, once again eliminating the unnecessary extra wire length.

Vans RV Wire Routing
RV-7 Panel Approval

Rendering For Your Approval

For customers of our Plug N Play or Panel Design services, we will build an artistic rendering for you to be able to visualize what your panel will look like allowing you to make any necessary changes. Once you are satisfied, we get final approval then send your panel into production.

Fully Tested & Configured

All of our systems get put together on our test bench and fully configured and tested before leaving our facility. Equipment such as GPS, ILS and VOR (if equipped), Transponder (including ADS-B), and COM radios all get tested for proper operation and reception. This allows us to ensure the equipment is working and fully functional before shipping it to you.

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RV-10 Plug N Play

RV-8 Plug N Play

For The Do-It-Yourselfer

As Much or As Little As You Want

For those who want to tackle the job themselves we can offer support with things like diagrams as well as panel design, cutting and etching services. We can also supply you with all of the wire and supplies needed to complete the job at prices below the big box stores.

Our diagram services come with all of the configurations needed to get your system communicating properly, saving the time and frustration of getting this correct as well as full support for the diagram.

Get your Garmin Equipment Support Directly From Us

Rest easy knowing that when you purchase your Garmin equipment from us we will be there to support you. The relationship does not end after the sale of the equipment, it just begins. There will likely be many questions along your avionics journey and having someone to go to when things do not make sense is very important to having a final product you can be proud of.

Garmin G3X

Other Offerings

Wing and Tail Harnesses

Wing and Tail Harnesses

These harnesses allow the builder to pre-install harnesses in the wings and tail section prior to closing these up. They come with connectors preiinstalled making it easy to connect to the main harness when that time comes.

Vertical Power VP-X

Laser Etched Grips

Tosten Manufacturing offers some of the best grips available to the experimental market and we have teamed up with Tosten to offer their grips with custom laser etching. We sent them our own special blend of plastic resin they use to mold our grips with. This special blend is designed to react with the laser without burning giving clean white labeling without the need for stickers.

The CS-8 and Military Style grips are the most useful grips for the G3X system, allowing us to incorporate many features into the grips such as COM Swap, Transponder IDENT and Flap Control. Having these items on the stick means that you keep all main functions at your finger tips so you can focus on flying the aircraft. While the Military Style grip gives the greatest latitude in incorporating these functions, both grips have the look and feel of a quality grip that fits comfortably in your hand.

Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector

The effects of hypoxia often go unnoticed. Lower blood oxygen levels could result in physical impairment, unconsciousness, or worse if not accurately monitored. Even while using supplemental oxygen, measurement of blood oxygen levels is important to assure the effectiveness of your O2 system.

We offer Aithre’s in-cockpit health monitoring systems to help protect you and your passengers. Aithre’s health monitoring technologies integrate with their iOS app and in some cases with the G3X to keep the pilot situationally aware and ahead of any potential lurking danger.

The Aithre Illyrian is a full-time pulse-oximeter that just requires USB power to operate and provides instantaneous readouts of current blood-oxygen saturation levels.

The Altus Meso is a digital pressure transducer system that is either powered by USB or by select AVI oxygen systems providing real-time bottle pressure readings.

Their Shield series is a suite of portable and permanent devices offering CO detection and alerting, with the Shield 3.0 wirelessly integrating with the Altus Meso and Illyrian (pilot position) to provide data from those units to the G3X system.

Aithre AVI8 Oxygen System

Aithre AVI Oxygen Systems

We recommend and offer Aithre Oxygen systems. They come as a portable units as well as a semi-built in and fully built in systems. The Aithre O2 systems are controlled by an iOS app and can take advantage of other Aithre products such as the Shield 3.0 for onscreen indications and warnings as well as the Illyrian Pulse-Ox system which allows the complete system to deliver the optimum amount of oxygen without waste based on your current blood oxygen level. This, combined with their Smart Pulse technology only flowing oxygen during inhalation, greatly increases bottle endurance and further expands your high-altitude operational capabilities.

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