Garmin Releases G3X Touch Software Version 7.00

On Tuesday, February 12 2019, Garmin pushed out update 7.00 for the G3X Touch family of avionics.

Version 7.00 offers some important diagnostic features, like the addition of an AHRS diagnostic page (to help troubleshoot any “Red X’s” or performance problems), a fault message if any of the GAD 27’s power inputs (flaps, trim, lights) are receiving no power and other great features like the ability to lock out autopilot and AOA configuration changes to prevent any accidental changes from being made while flying.

Finally, Garmin has allowed G3X owners to export a configuration file to an SD card to be saved in case some time of error or fault clears the system configuration. A large list of smaller changes and additions are included with this update. This update is definitely worth doing, if not for all of the great improvements, then for the ability to save your configuration file. Having a backup kept somewhere safe is important, and will save many hours of headache should any issues ever arise.